hopeful Darkness

"International Encaustic Artists present Hopeful Darkness, reflecting the coming darker months, a time when each day gets shorter and winter approaches. We live in a contentious, and not always light-filled world, which is ever-changing and uncertain; the fading light can also be seen as a metaphor for the current state of our moment in time. Works in this group exhibition incorporate encaustic and cold wax and express the dichotomy of Hopeful Darkness." - Atlantic Gallery

"Deborah Peeples’s Buoyancy takes advantage of the layers, pliability, addition of pigment to the wax to form a work that brings to mind fog and rain, clouds of steam and water droplets, or the rolling surface of a pan of water at boiling." - Carol Taylor-Kearney, WhatsArt Blog at Taylor-KearneyArts.com